FAQ's & Terms and Conditions


Can I book onto events if I am not a member?

No, you must be a member of Harbour Magic to book on events

Can I get a refund if the event is cancelled by the organiser?

Yes, under some circumstances (usually bad weather) some events may be cancelled by the organiser.  If this happens, then a full refund will be given.

How will I know if an event has been cancelled?

You will be notified by email if an event has to be cancelled.  I will also mark the event as "cancelled" in the Calendar  Section.  Where the reason is inclement weather, I will look at the forecast 24 hours before the event and make a judgement at that time, so please check your emails or the website before departing.

Can I get a refund if I want to cancel my attendance at an event?

Please note that, once an activity has been booked, we are unable to give refunds except in special circumstances.  Please make sure you check your availability before booking and also read the Event Cancellation Terms and Conditions below.  

How much do events cost?

Many events are included in the membership but there are other events that carry a charge.   Events are priced differently according to what is included. Events such as walks and breakfasts carry a nominal charge of.£2 and any refreshments or drinks are in addition to this, and to be paid for on the day.  Some events are all inclusive and others include food, but not alcoholic or extra drinks.  

Details of costs are always stipulated in the event description.

Terms and Conditions

By becoming a member of Harbour Magic, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

1. To take personal responsibility for your own actions and not hold Harbour Magic responsible for any injury or loss you might encounter yourself during an event organised by Harbour Magic.  

2. You are also agreeing not to hold Harbour Magic responsible for any third party injury, damage or loss incurred as a result of your action whilst attending a Harbour Magic event.  

3. Photographs or film may be taken at events for the purpose of publicity on the website or social media of Harbour Magic.  If you do not wish to be photographed then please let Harbour Magic know when joining.  It is important for us to share the photos with other members who have attended the events and with new enquirers who want to know a little more about Harbour Magic  and what we do. We will always aim to ensure that all photos used are in good taste and unlikely to cause offence however,  if you see a photograph you would not like to be used please contact us with details and in the case of web photos we will remove them ASAP and in the case of printed materials we will ensure that the photo is not used in further print runs.

4. Ownership of all photographs uploaded remain with the photographer and you agree not to use these or other members' photographs for any purpose away from the Harbour Magic website without prior permission from the owner.

5. Members shall conduct themselves when participating in all events in a sensible, safe and social manner towards all other members and towards the General Public and towards all those persons firms or companies providing members with instruction or guidance in connection with the participation by members in events.

6. Harbour Magic reserves the right at all times to expel a Member or prevent a member from renewing Membership.

7. Members must disclose to Harbour Magic in advance of participation in any event, medical conditions that may have an effect on the member’s ability to participate in any event. Harbour Magic cannot be held liable should members not have disclosed medical conditions in advance of an event and ultimately members must make an informed decision on each event for themselves.

8. Communication – Harbour Magic will communicate with you via email, text and social media information relevant to your membership. e.g. emailing event details, any changes in subscription fees, last minute changes to events because of unpredictable weather.

9. Payments and Cancellation of Subscription - payments will be taken each month for subscriptions at the agreed rate when signing up for membership. Other subscription offers may appear at a later stage to attract new members but existing members may not cancel and rejoin.  You may however, cancel your subscription if you feel that Harbour Magic is not for you at any time.

10.  Payments and Cancellation of Events - Refunds are only given in special circumstances.  If  you have to cancel an event, please contact me directly with your reasons.  It may be possible to open up the place for someone else., depending on how late the cancellation is.  If your place is taken up, it is possible to get a refund.   If Harbour Magic cancels an event, your event price will be fully refunded. 

11. If you have any complaints, please email chichesterharbourmagic@gmail.com and we will address your concerns as quickly as possible.